PERNIMIVS is British fine jewelry house and lifestyle brand based in London, Mayfair. Deriving it’s name from the Latin word Pernimius, meaning much, too much. The brand attempts to incorporate this philosophy into its opulent, sleek and Bold design. Since launching on the 22/02/2022 the company has started off its product selection initially with Rings.

Founder and Creative Director Shabby, an Abstract Artist and Creative Entrepreneur created the Bold, Instantly Identifiable and at the same time Minimalistic Design, despite having no formal background in jewelry design. Drawing much of his inspirations from trips to South America and Inca Symbology, his goal was to create heirloom jewellery passed on from generation to generation.

The distinctive Triangular Tribus Link design symbolises Power, Sophistication and Connections. The motif can be found woven throughout each design, from initially the Rings to future Chains and Bracelet designs.

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